Civil Engineer Corfu Greece

Civil Engineer Greece

About us

In our civil engineering firm we work closely with our most experienced technicians and commit to perform to the high standards of the construction industry.

Our philosophy is the total quality management: 

"Do the job properly to the highest standards of the construction industry to match the client's expectation and do it once on time within budget"

We aim to co-ordinate all your construction, building repair and maintenance needs. In other words:

"You make only one call at the outset."

We take care of the rest by finding you the best deals from different building trades and suppliers throughout Corfu and Greece.

- Our policy is to work within our client's budget and give the best service and advice available within that budget. 

- We discuss product and design options with the client. 

- This way the client is fully informed in making choices. 

As problem solvers, we seek solutions that achieve our clients' aspirations. Our services cover every stage, from conceptual and feasibility planning to detailed design and construction management.

We offer specialist skills in the areas of substructure and foundations, basements, steel and concrete frames, post-tensioned slab designs, transfer structures and dynamic analysis. 

Our engineers combine an in-depth understanding of the properties and behavior of materials with good technical training and modern analytical tools. These include computer-aided design (CAD), structural modelling packages, building information modelling (BIM) techniques and project planning methodologies.


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